El español que dio la mayor estocada a la Bolsa de Londres

En la madrugada del 9 de agosto de 1780, abrazada por una intensa bruma atlántica y cuando ya despuntaba el alba, una rapidísima fragata española de exploración descubriría a 60 leguas del Cabo de San Vicente un convoy inglés compuesto por cincuenta y cinco navíos repletos de vituallas, más de ochenta mil mosquetes, un sinnúmero … [Read more…]

The “Old General”

The first biography of the ancestor of our compatriot Nicholas Hayes, General John Armstrong – “the Old General” – has been published. The title is Rank and Gravity, The Life of General John Armstrong of Carlisle. The author is William Betts. It’s published by Heritage Books of Westminster, MD, their reference number B5273 and is … [Read more…]

Spain Society SAR joins the Spain DAR in the town of Simancas

March 26, 2011 Saturday January 29, 2011 found members of the Spain Society SAR joining the España DAR in the town of Simancas just outside the city of Valladolid in north central Spain. A cold foggy day brought us to this historic town to tour the Archivo General de Simancas (AGS) the first official archive … [Read more…]

Spain Society SAR Joins European Colleagues in Paris Planning Meeting

March 7, 2011 The townhouse of the 18th century diplomat and power behind the throne, Talleyrand, now houses the offices of the American consulate in its elegantly restored rooms. It was here on 13 January, 2011 that representatives of the major SAR units in Europe met, under the chairmanship of Jacques de Trentinian. Spain Society … [Read more…]