Afiliación Doble

Afiliación Doble

The Spain Society SAR was chartered to honor the contribution of Spain to the American Revolution. SAR Compatriots have the chance to form part of the Spain Society SAR as a dual member, therefore still remaining in their current state society.

If a member wishes to retain his original membership in a particular State Society or he must retain it due to having a State Society Life Membership that pays the National dues, then filing a Dual Membership Application with Spain Society SAR is the best option.

As a dual member of a state society you have all the rights of a regular member of the State Society and can hold offices in either or both of the State Societies at the same time, but you cannot be a voting representative of both Societies at the same Regional or National meeting.

National dues are collected through your primary state and not through your dual state. You will pay for only state dues in the dual state.

If you would like to request Dual Membership with the Spain Society SAR please download this form (#0920).

Once form is filled out please email the Secretary of the Spain Society SAR for further instructions.