How to join SAR?

How to join SAR?

The process of becoming a member of the Sons of the American Revolution requires a number of steps:

Note: The SAR does not restrict membership based on race, color, religion, national origin, or nation of citizenship or residency. Marriage (and its documentation) for the several generations going back to the Patriot Ancestor is desired, but is not a requirement. Legitimacy in any generation is not a requirement. Descendants of plural marriages are not excluded from SAR membership. Bloodline descent — legitimate or illegitimate — from a Patriot Ancestor is what is required and is what must be documented. You must also have two members recommend you for membership.

  • Find a Helper: Contact the Secretary of the Spain Society SAR by email for assistance in get started with defining your lineage from a patriot ancestor and collecting the documentation required for an SAR application. He will also help you find a member living near you to help you learn about our programs.
  • Collect and organize the documentation: Tracing your lineage back to your patriot ancestor. Your helper should be familiar with Form #0912 to help with this step.

Your Helper may also provide a copy or you can download one here of an SAR Application Worksheet. This allows you to collect the information before you prepare the actually application.

If you have a relative in the SAR, DAR, C.A.R., SR, or a similar patriot descendency organization you may be able to save yourself a great deal of effort by submitting their established lineage and documentation for the part of your lineage where your ancestors are the same as your relative’s.

If you know that an ancestor was cited in an SAR application or know the name and SAR number of a relative, your Helper may obtain a “record” copy of that application (marked up by the staff genealogist) for a modest fee.

You can request an Ancestor Search or a Member search from the NSSAR Headquarters using the NSSAR Request Form

If NSSAR has applications on file, you will receive the newest application filed on your ancestor. In case you have asked for an application through a particular child of the Patriot, you will receive that application if available.

There is a similar procedure for requesting DAR application copies. Please visit their website for instructions:

Please check out our Genealogy Resources and SAR Resources for other helpful information which may help you document your lineage.

  • Complete the formal application: On the official form provided by your helper or your helper may offer to do this using data from the worksheet, using one of the programs noted on our application software page.
  • Write checks for your application and dues fees: Typical fee structure can be found on our Application Choices page. Though you will need to contact your Helper or State Society Contact for the actual fees of the Society in which you are joining.
  • Submit the completed application form: Submit your completed application and all documentation to your sponsoring Chapter for approval (your helper will most likely assist you in doing this). The Chapter in turn will forward your application and documentation to the State Society and then on to NSSAR Headquarters in Louisville.
  • Wait: The hardest part now begins…Wait! The approval process normally takes 8 to 10 weeks. You will be notified by your sponsoring Chapter if additional documentation is needed at either the State or National level.
  • Share the pleasure: Once you have been approved share your pride with your family and if your local Chapter or State Society has an induction ceremony invite your family and friends to witness it.
  • Serve your ancestry and community: Now that you know roots and your ancestry take pride in that fact. Show that pride through personal efforts and SAR activities. Help to promote what many of our Forefathers gave their life to build!